WATCH CINEMA is the film festival aspect of IKFF hosted by schools across the globe. It provides an opportunity for students to WATCH 100 of the best international children’s films curated from over 30 countries by world-renowned Filmmakers. The festival is spread over 4 days with 5 shows/day of 60-90 min duration and curated in 4 categories – Junior (8 to 10 years), Middle (11 to 13 years), Senior (14 to 17 years) & Open to all (Family/Teachers/Parents)

Hosting IKFF in schools will not just entertain the audience but it will enable them to understand other cultures, lives, and experiences thereby teaching them important lessons of life. The intent of IKFF is to give all children access to good films from across the world. IKFF is open to all schools across the globe who want to host a film festival in their premises.

Hosting the festival in your school will be as easy as pressing the ‘play’ button as the school organising team gets an exclusive access to the IKFF Blackbook – an organisers guide to hosting a film festival.

IKFF 2018 Highlights


The festival features over 100 specially curated, meaningful and diverse children’s films from across the world on topics such as friendship, child safety, creativity and innovation, social justice and more.


The film screening schedule is designed keeping in mind the school ecosystem and the age profile of the audience. There would be 5 shows/day and each show would be 60-90 minutes.

Note: Skip to page 59 for the India schedule & page 60 for the International schedule.


The International Kids Film Festival boasts of partnerships with renowned international film festivals and reputed organisations that make it one the most impactful film festivals in the world.


IKFF is led by a passionate team that brings with it varied experiences from different facets of life thereby ensuring that the film selection, jury on-boarding, film-making workshop content and all other aspects of the festival are of an exceptional standard.


The International Kids Film Festival Coordinators are a globally inter-connected team of experienced and active individuals who work actively with 2000+ schools in across 30 countries to bring the festival to life.



Watch Cinema is a film festival hosted by schools to show their kids the best of International Children’s Films that have been curated from over 50 countries by world’s renowned Filmmakers. Hosting Watch Cinema in your school will help your children understand other cultures, lives and experiences and motivate them to reflect upon the happenings in the world and in themselves.

Any school that wishes to introduce their children to the magic of cinema should host the festival.

Countries in Asia & Africa

USD 250 for 1 Day License
USD 500 for 4-Day License


Countries in Middle East & Rest of the World

USD 500 for 1 Day License
USD 1000 for 4-Day License

14th – 17th November 2018
20th – 23rd November 2018

Click on the register (Watch) link on this website. Fill up the details and make the payment. Once you have successfully paid, you will receive a confirmation E-mail on your E-mail ID which will include the details about the next steps.

After you have successfully registered for Watch, you will receive the IKFF Black book which will include minute details about how to prepare for the event, how to host it, how to popularize it etc. You will also receive the username and password to activate the link in the first week of November. Please note that this username and password will only be applicable for the dates which you have registered for.

No cancellations or refunds will be entertained.

Write to us at or call us on +91 9019111110

We currently do not have such an option, how about encourage your neighbourhood schools to host it instead?

Write to us at or call us on +91 9019111110

We have this part covered for you. Our team has scrupulously created the festival schedule which explains what films must be shown to which age groups.

No, you cannot. As we are trying to emulate the authentic experience of attending at international film festival for your students we have not given this as an option. The username and password will be valid for a single system only.

An auditorium with a projector and a screen, a computer with a minimum of 10 MBPS internet speed and a good sound system.

No, you cannot. However, you could call the children in other schools to come and catch the show live in your school.

Children aged between 8 and 17 years can attend the festival.

The films will be provided on a link on your E-mail 2 days before the festival. If you have chosen the offline module, the films will be given to your via an encrypted hard disk which will be shipped to the address you have entered on the registration form.

Provided for those schools where the internet connectivity isn’t up to the mark. It is an encrypted hard disk which will contain all the films packaged into 5 shows per day. The films within a show will be fixed by the IKFF team but the school will have flexibility in terms of selecting the show which they would like to screen based on the school’s convenience. However, as it is an encrypted hard disk,



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